Driving: moving to the UK from the EU after Brexit

Driving: moving to the UK from the EU after Brexit

The UK currently permits EU nationals to drive within the United Kingdom under their existing EU license. They would be able to do so with only one reasonable restriction: they may only drive up to 70 years of age. This very same restriction exists for those with UK license, so places EU license holders on a level playing field.

However, it is highly anticipated that the UK is likely to leave the EU without a deal on the 31st October 2019, widely known as ‘Brexit’ - which could potentially curtail this ability significantly.

A hard Brexit - where the UK leaves with no deal - is going to be felt far and wide: from businesses who haul goods to and from the UK every day, to the millions of tourists who are visiting and enjoying all that the UK has to offer each year.

According to DrivingScout, one of the most popular companies that provides a driving test cancellation checker so you can get an earlier driving test, this will result in substantially increased demand for driving tests with increased wait times.

The UK already has a tremendous wait time for driving tests - as much as 12 weeks in some areas. This is level of wait is currently seen as normal by the millions of individuals who sit their driving test exam in the UK each year. However, any increased pressure caused by Europeans being forced to take a UK style driving exam may well cause test centres to buckle further under the load.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing to take a UK driving exam quickly, when you're able to lean on DrivingScout to help you out for a surprisingly small fee of £13 (€15) in addition to the usual fees incurred to take your test.

Until the 31st October, it will be possible to exchange a full EU driving license for a UK one with the DVSA - the UK's government run driving association - however this process will take at least 3 weeks. In order to not get caught out, those who are considering doing so should apply to exchange their EU licences to UK ones as soon as possible. Once the 31st October passes, the only recourse may be to apply for a UK license by passing a test in the UK, and relying on companies such as DrivingScout to accelerate this process for you to minimise the impact.